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Art digest of the week: the legacy of Anatoly Zverev, the history of Russian design and a lecture on Albrecht Dürer

This year, the pool of artists of the gallery "Triangle" was replenished with a Chinese Jingge Dong, who lives and works in Venice. The Triangle Gallery was founded in 2015 at Winzavod by collector Nadezhda Stepanova, who lives in Italy and takes her gallery artists to foreign art fairs and to the Russian Cosmoscow. Painting 32-year-old Dong, a graduate of two art academies - in Beijing and Venice, you could see there. He finds plots somewhere on the border of sleep and wakefulness - hence the illusiveness of silhouettes, and his artistic style is a mix of East and West painting - here are both vivid images and a dialogue-argument with Asian tradition, balanced by a melancholy palette.

Ekaterina Lantsman


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