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Dive into the ZEITGEIST

The exhibition project is designed and developed specifically to relate the works of Alessio Barchitta with those of Jingge Dong starting from the differences as an added value of his own artistic figure. An exhibition that we want in presence because the emotional value in contact with the work cannot be replaced with the web as a supermarket of art. The work of these artists testifies how isolation, sometimes even prolonged, is also a precious creative opportunity, starting from the sobriety of the contents and the ability to invest in design even outside the perimeters of the galleries.It is the birth of a new paradigm, against the incongruity between price and value, which fits into the broader macroeconomic paradigm with the new poverty and with the modification of the economic and social parameters that the Covid 19 pandemic has only accelerated and revealed because, in fact, already in place. Hans Haacke states: „Works of art, whether artists like it or not, are always ideological manifestations“. Reflection on the „sociological“ drift of contemporary creativity, ferocious self-criticism on the role of art and on the system that conditions its function and dreams, distorting it in fact, with the result of producing homogenized works, uniform in taste and stereotyped.


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