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Dive into the Zeitgeist


We are pleased to announce Dive into the Zeitgeist, the first large exhibition of 2021 for art in
search of answers; this is the theme of the new economART project by AMY D Arte Spazio, which
reopens its doors after a latency of over three months. The gallery qualifies as a cultural
laboratory, a place of stimulation for knowledge, reflection, and experimentation on art.
The exhibition project is designed and developed specifically to relate the works of Alessio
Barchitta with those of Jingge Dong starting from the differences as an added value of his own
artistic figure. An exhibition that we want in presence because the emotional value in contact with
the work cannot be replaced with the web as a supermarket of art. The work of these artists
testifies how isolation, sometimes even prolonged, is also a precious creative opportunity, starting
from the sobriety of the contents and the ability to invest in design even outside the perimeters of
the galleries.
It is the birth of a new paradigm, against the incongruity between price and value, which fits into
the broader macroeconomic paradigm with the new poverty and with the modification of the
economic and social parameters that the Covid 19 pandemic has only accelerated and revealed
because, in fact, already in place.
Hans Haacke states: "Works of art, whether artists like it or not, are always ideological
Reflection on the "sociological" drift of contemporary creativity, ferocious self-criticism on the role
of art and on the system that conditions its function and dreams, distorting it in fact, with the
result of producing homogenized works, uniform in taste and stereotyped.
The words of Daesung Lee, a South Korean artist based in Paris, elected as interlocutor, give a good
idea of the concept of the new exhibition project of the Milanese research gallery.
“Dear Anna, I am slowly recovering from long - Covid. It still remains in my body. One day I feel
better and the next day I don't feel well. I agree with you on questioning the role or function of art
right now. I have already had doubts about the role and function of art. As I said in an interview,
this political art is even used to cover reality regardless of the artist's intention and his or her work.
For example, Banksy is one of the most political artists with his message. But do we really think
that this message and his work enter our daily life? Why do we still have the same problem and
why is it more of a problem than before? The point is how we consume art in society. We consume
it to cover up the problematic reality (it is as if I participate in an Action for climate change and
believe that something has changed, even if I keep my lifestyle unchanged). Probably, seeing and
talking about Banksy's work makes you believe that some changes in society are taking place. As
you said with Zeitgeist... We could not anymore survive without changing the current paradigm.
This depressing situation is the consequence of ignorance of the old and simple wisdom `` the

tower of Babel '' Now, we start looking for a new colonial planet out of the earth and people love a
new technology that we create that can solve all the problems in the future. In the absence of real
change, we will destroy other planets, as we are doing with the earth. This is a question of
paradigm (as you said "zeitgeist") not of technology. Wherever we go, we will destroy everything.
Eventually, we will destroy ourselves. Honestly, I am very skeptical about our future, because this
Corona pandemic - like Pandora's box - has triggered all the problems (economy and migrant
issues) that have exploded in Europe. Unfortunately, it resembles the situation that arose before
the Second World War. Maybe it has already started since Brexit. We know this situation is
depressing and frustrating, but we also know that our life goes on. Take care of you "[....]

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