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Contemporary paths of the most recent pictorial abstraction, paths that intersect between the spaces of the Monumental Atrium that hosts the Arca exhibition projects at the Trieste Personal Services Company (ASP-ITIS). A few years ago, in an important publication dedicated to Painting Today (Painting Today, Phaidon Press), an attempt was made to describe the highly articulated panorama of the discipline that is even more important in the context of the current visual arts, a discipline with a very long tradition and which also constitutes nowadays one of the most relevant training addresses of an Academy of Fine Arts. In that international publication, dating back to about ten years ago, there was talk of ambiguous Abstraction. Like all definitions of complex phenomena, this too can only have a relative value, but it can still help to understand what two artists of a generation increasingly present in galleries, cultural events and major art fairs are proposing. Both for Daniele Colombi (Bressanone, 1994) and for Jingge Dong (Beijing, 1989), it is an exclusively pictorial production, mainly abstract. But observing the works it is noted that the way of understanding abstraction is not easily referable to one or the other of the most well-known currents of abstractionism, in particular of the twentieth century. Or rather: they seem to be, those currents, all co-present.

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